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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 25, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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sheriff's deputies. the new information we are learning t the men who died retracing the steps in a shooting rampage that killed two sheriff's deputies. the new information we are learning about the men who died. and good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. we are live in sacramento. hi moshkon. >> reporter: we're back at the scene where all the sadness and chaos started yesterday. this is where sacramento sheriff's deputy danny oliver was fatally shot. the 15 year law enforcement veteran leaves behind a wife and two children. when we first got to the scene today actually noticed the gentleman sort of just standing by his car looking out over the parking lot. we went over and spoke to him and that man gene chapman is a retired deputy who came here
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today to say a prayer or two for deputy oliver and his family. >> i knew it was bad from the get-go. and they hadn't even said it was -- but you know, i was praying for the best. but it's -- just been very unfortunate tonight. he was obviously a great officer. and good family man. >> reporter: and in placer county, two deputies shot at as well. detectives michael davis jr. did not survive. coincidentally, his father michael davis senior was a deputy in riverside county, who was killed in the line of duty and a very somber twist, davis jr. died on the same day his father died exactly 26 years ago. the surviving plaster county deputy is jeff davis, he was shot in the arm and treated and released. now we do have some updated
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information from the sacramento county sheriff's office. they have confirmed that the relationship between the two suspects is husband and wife and one of them was registered at the hotel. at this time they don't know why they were in the sacramento area. and why they were here and their motive is still unknown at this time as well. in sacramento, kpix 5. >> a long line of law enforcement cruisers escorted the body of deputy davis jr. to a mortuary this afternoon. the procession went from the stack toe county coroner to roseville. a crowd was waiting some of them holding american flags. new details tonight on the school shooting near seattle. the high school will be closed all of next week can today many students went back to get things they left behind yesterday and witnesses say teenaged gunman jaylen fryberg was not firing at random targets. he killed one girl and seriously hurt four other students including two of his cousins.
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they are hospitalized in intensive care. >> the next three days are going to be crucial. these -- these young people are being monitored moment by moment. a teacher is being called a hero for struggling with the gunman just before he killed himself. police don't have a motive yet. but friends say fryberg was recently in a fight other a girl and -- over a girl and left months of troubling messages on social media. all right, let's switch gears and talk a little bit about the weather shall we? showers mostly let up late this morning after a little rain dampened streets around the bay area and that's not all. the system brought with it some fairly gusty winds and right now the hi-def doppler radar is showing pretty good shower activity up in mind see know. a few coke -- mendocino, a new echoes in the north bay. just west of 680 and kind of a vague line across the san mateo bridge. and out to half-moon bay. literally though it didn't amount to much. couple of tenths of an inch and the same for the north bay.
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.35 at st. helena was about the most. as for what's next, we'll detail in the forecast in a few minutes. well, napa will use city reserve funds and budget surpluses to cover costs from the august earthquake. some of the $4 million emergency reserves will pay for the disaster response. napa officials made the move to keep cash flowing while it waits for reimbursement from the federal government. and google is speeding up real estate deals as it expands during a hiring boom. the company has reportedly bought six office buildings in redwood city and also lease a six story tower in sunnyvale and various other locations. they have 55 employees up 19% from a year ago. well, it is about as close to a must win situation as you can get tonight for the giants. >> they're down two games to one. the last time a team came back from a 3-1 deficit in the world series? the kansas city royals in 1985.
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joe vasquez is at at&t park, hey joe. >> reporter: hey, and it's exciting to be here. i got to tell you, you know what it's star-studded in there. i saw spike lee and ran into joe montana. and i actually mean i ran into him. i bumped him by accident. so but you know one of the biggest stars in there right now though is brian stow. a huge giants' fan. he yelled play ball at the beginning of the game. he told me he's thrilled to be here. >> how you feeling these days? >> good. three and a half years i've been in this wheelchair. i'm ready to walk. i'm walking slow but i'm ready to start. >> reporter: talk about a comeback. >> me or the giants? >> reporter: that's what i mean. you said they're going to have a comeback. >> yeah. and me. we're -- i'm ready for both of us. >> reporter: brian of course the giants' fan who was savagely beaten at a dodgers' game a few years ago. and brian predicts the giants
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will win the world series. a lot of his fellow fans are praying he's right. >> we're stoked. go giants. whoo. >> what's it going to take today? >> it's going to take food pitching and -- good pitching and good hitting. i think they'll be better today though. >> reporter: it's going to look pretty sad having to win out in kansas city. >> so let's hope for the best. go giants. and let's do it tonight. >> most importantly, go giants huh? >> what you got to do is the giants, you got to believe like a clamon. conceive like a -- champion. conceive like a champion and achieve like a world series champion. >> program. >> what's the deal here? >> i grew up in kansas city. >> i've been a giants' fan my whole entire lisle from sacramento. go giants. >> go royals. >> can you exist like this? >> we do at the house divided but it's a lot of fun. these last couple of days. >> we'll find out. it's totally depending on who wins. >> yeah it does. >> go giants! >> reporter: looks like he's in
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trouble. because the giants are winning right now. 1-0. top of the 2nd i'm going to run inside you guys and just have to work and go see what's going on and i'll report back to you. >> i must admit i'm very envious but apparently good luck so thanks joe. >> all right. good luck. >> all righty. well, helping to calm fears and prevent the spread of a deadly disease. entire guidelines for people returning to the u.s. from ebola hot spots. >> the hospital in the bay area that will be the place for local ebola patients will be treated if the disease comes to the bay area.
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♪ quarantines for medi well, fears about ebola have caused a third state to impose mandatory quarantines for medical workers coming back to the u.s. from west africa. cbs reporter don champion with more on that. >> reporter: medical personnel flying home to illinois from west africa now face a mandatory quarantine. the state joins new york and new jersey in requiring 21 day quarantines for health care workers who have had direct contact with ebola patients in west africa. the move comes two days after dr. craig spencer who volunteered in guinea tested positive for ebola in new york
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city. saturday, the city's mayor again tried calming fears by visiting a restaurant spencer ate at two days before he was hospitalized. he is in stable condition at manhattan's bell view hospital. since his diagnosis, decontamination crews have been working inside his apartment. american medical aide workers like spencer are critical to the fight against ebola in west africa. the centers for disease control hasn't required mandatory quarantines when they return home. cbs' dr jon lapook says the c. >> bob: is trying to strike a -- cdc is trying to strike a balance. >> if they hear i'm going to be put in quarantine for 21 days i may not go out there. >> reporter: in west africa more than 10,000 people have been infected with ebola and and nearly half have died. don champion for cbs news, new york. >> preliminary ebola tests on a nurse friday came back negative today. uc sf says its medical center is preparing to handle
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anyone with ebola. patients would be treated at the mount zion campus. it's building a special isolation unit that would be ready very soon. it's one of five uc hospitals designated as the ebola center. how worried should you be about ebola? a researcher says once again it's not easy to get the various. >> it's important to realize that ebola is not a virus that's presumed to be spread by airborne transmission. it requires close contact with infected secretions. the probable of you getting ebola say from casual contact is close to zero. never zero but it's close to zero. >> including the doctor from new york, there have been four reported cases of ebola in the u.s.. her mom needed help and a bay area girl didn't hesitate. how tonight's student rising above provides for her family. >> well, we've got our lawns watered overnight as we look live from dublin but that's about it. we'll see what's coming up when we cover the forecast after a
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what we got overnight you can see there's a few thunderstorms see redding up in the top center of the screen? look at the thunderstorms pumping up there just east of redding but all of that the lines of thunderstorms are moving into the veer sierra. not -- sierra. not much for us. there's a few scattered showers and that's what we're going to expect as we head into the nighttime hours. just a talk of showers here and there you might run into but the general trend is toward clearing. it's all being ushered along by the low pressure that's off the pacific northwest right now just moving right around the -- the washington state and canada border and that low presses inland, we'll see a few showers up in northern california. a few showers for us tonight. and then it's out of here. high pressure begins to build up behind and it we look for clearing. but you can already see beginning the happen up there as we look live from dublin cam and the numbers right now still mostly in the 60s. not as cold -- really 67 degrees at concord and 67 at oakland right now and 69 degrees at livermore. san jose 69 as well and that's
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pretty much par for the course for this time of the night. with maybe a few lingering showers around. that's about it. by tomorrow morning, we should have increasing sunshine. we'll begin sunday with temperatures in the mid 50s. and should be dry. so here's how it looks on the futurecast. you can see as the -- as we roll ahead in time just a few clouds overnight. here's sunday at 8:00 in the morning, not much. plenty of sunshine and maybe some low clouds down in santa clara valley but aside from that the sun comes out a few wisps of high clouds from time to time. we'll say partly cloudy but there's plenty of sun around too. by the way 'tis the season. boo at the zoo not only in san francisco, but also at the oakland zoo. 71 degrees tomorrow and partly cloudy skies. nice day to do that. as we look live over the city a few showers tonight. clearing tomorrow. and then sunny and warm this week. the numbers will be back into the 80s by midweek inland. for tomorrow, mild day. 70 at livermore and 70 at pleasanton. only a degree warmer there than it is now. 70 at napa and 68 degrees in
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santa rosa. extended forecast you're going to be looking for numbers to be near 70 degrees tomorrow and then warm all the way up the near 80 degrees on wednesday inland. cool it off a little bit as we head towards the weekend. the next hint ovarian coming into the bay area -- of rain coming into the bay area. the next hint is coming in on saturday. in the meantime plenty of sunshine could have used more rain but who's going to explain about sunshine? or -- complain about sunshine? or about really uplifting story like ann's got. helpings put food on the table. tonight's student rising above goes beyond the normal everyday chores and is a provider. wendy tokuda has her story. >> reporter: on a saturday morning she is business hi helping her mom clean a client's home. her mom has had multiple operations for carpal tunnel syndrome but as a single mom she has to work even if she's in pain. >> she just continues pushing. and it scares me to know that her necessities is so big that
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she takes that pain. >> reporter: charice helps out. >> not only will she be able to take the bus to school. but it also means she can put food on the table. >> reporter: appendicitis, ovarian cancer and now diabetes. she has a heart condition as well. but she has learned something important from her mom. >> she's taught me strength. to set priorities, set goals. >> reporter: starting here at envision high in oakland. a college prep charter school. >> i'm going to go to school. graduate high school. go to college and we will not have to struggle through this. >> when ch arice enters a room. you feel her presence and hear her. >> reporter: you hear her voice at home and she helps run the house. cooking making sure her grandmother is okay. >> she has something she doesn't do at home making sure
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the little sister is ready for the next school day and she has ore hen assignments gone -- her own assignments done. >> reporter: but charice helps her mother with her homework. >> she is -- >> uh-huh? >> reporter: she's trying to learn english. jobs are limited not just because of language. her mom's health makes their financial situation unpredictable. they live month to month. >> it's really terrifying not knowing if you're going to have food for the next month. >> reporter: but for now, there is food. and for charice there's great hope. >> it's helped me the fight harder -- to fight harder than it is expected. just keep moving. >> reporter: wendy tokuda, kpix 5. >> a week ago she went to visit wilson valdez lee january university. and you can help give students like her the break they need. go to for more information. and we have a programming note. a football doubleheader tomorrow right here on kpix 5. the seattle seahawks take on
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the carolina panthers in the morning with the game starting at 10:00 and then at 1:25. it's the raiders versus the browns then stay tuned for the fifth quarter with dennis o'donnell. right now dennis is at at&t park. >> that's where the giants are hoping the team can tie the series. what's the latest? >> reporter: oh, the the latest news? it's still fairly good news. we'll tell you that score and the most popular cove in america right now. could stanford avoid its first losing streak since 2009? tell you about it coming up. ,,
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brew for one, brew for all. vogelsong pitching for the giants, we need a win dennis. >> that's right ann but so far so good. give me a score update please. of game four of the world series. giants down two games to one. you'll see the san francisco leading this game 1-0. they have just entered the top of the 3rd. the royals at the plate. over to college football now. where stanford finds itself unranked for the first time in four years. and looking to avoid a second straight loss. they played oregon state today. and david shaw looking to avoid back-to-back losses for the first time in his career. first quarter tied at 7. hogan takes its himself and reads his arm a beaver defender at the 15 and scores on a 37-yard touchdown. stanford up 14-7. third quarter, it's now 28-7 cardinal. oregon state punting out of their end zone. the danger is ty montgomery
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near midfield and waits behind one of his teammates and maneuvers his way through the beaver punt team. a 47-yard return. his second touchdown return of the season. they win 38-14 and they are 5-3 and 3-2 now in the pac 12. cadets at the naval academy. they're jacked out of their minds for san jose state. second quarter midshipmen leading 7-3. joe gray rolls out and he connects with freeman. that's a 6-yard touchdown and san jose state is up 10-7 at this point. but then -- third quarter. navy ahead 24-17. run offends takes -- reynolds takes it himself. he rushed for 251 yards and three touchdowns. so navy wins 41-31 the spartans fall now to 3-4. to the nfl. where one is the loneliest number. that you'll ever find and right now, the raiders are the only team without a win in the national football league. going for number one tomorrow
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in cleveland. and vern glenn is the only bay area television reporter on the scene. >> reporter: dennis, i'm coming to you from the rock and roll hall of fame in downtown cleveland. and right next door is browns' stadium. it's where the raiders are going to try and put a stop to this 0-6 record. now, the browns are favored by a touchdown. but to quote steve perry the mantra in the raiders' locker room, don't stop believing. >> we have to stick together and keep the positive attitude going. hopefully it's sooner than later and hopefully this is the week but i tell them all the time. hey we're going to be a part of the turnaround. so let's keep that positive attitude and let's keep that hard work going and be the examples. >> hey raider nation? they're in a position to put an end to this 15 game losing streak in the eastern time zone too. >> this week it's going to be how come you know -- or you
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guys haven't won a game on the other side of you know the turnpike. and however long or whatever the case that is. and i'm not worried about any of those things, i mean i'm worried about what our players think and right now there's a great belief in that room that we're going to get this thing turned around. and that we are getting better. it's just they don't have the tangible evidence which is a win. >> reporter: playoffs? don't talk about playoffs. you kidding me? >> i've seen a lot of crazy things happening in this business and they didn't happen after six games i mean nobody is handed the trophy at the end of six weeks. we have ten games to go right now. i've seen teams get into this tournament okay with eight wins. okay, with nine wins. whatever the case is. that is not really our concern right now. our concern is getting one win. >> reporter: hey dennis some news and notes for you. i think we're going to get a look at defensive back d.j. hayden. he was last year's first round pick but he's been out this season with a broken foot. he's expected to be activated for tomorrow's game. in cleveland, vern glenn, kpix
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5. >> rocking out at the hall of fame. how do you like it? sharks getting close and personal with buffalo this afternoon. scoreless early in the third and scores his first goal of the year. 1-0 buffalo. then under a minute left. san jose with one last chance but the buffalo goalie covers up the puck and sabres win 2-1 handing the sharks their fourth loss in a row. hackney said dry two seconds ago. now it is pouring. let me show you one of the boats out there. the police have checked out these guys having a blast out in the yacht. and mccover key cove as they try -- mccovey cove as they try and dodge the rain. >> hopefully a good sign den in addition. that's it for us -- dennis. that's it for us at 5:30. >> news update always on
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>> good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,
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